bad pony, The Rules of Attraction

b l u s h lit, Still Life With Purple Vibrator, Bespoke Porn

Buffalo News, [miss pillow talk] excerpt from rebel/blonde

Cosmonauts Avenue, Buck

Dream Pop, “No”

glitterMOB, I <3 It Here, Kertang, Flamingo, I’m Not Famous

Lor Journal, When You Have Not in Fact Been Raptured to Heaven but Have Instead Been Found Hiding in the Back of a Pickup

MicroMeta, Ram, Glass Menagerie, #1 Crush, The Rat, You Left My Heart on Read

No Issue, Valley of the Dolls Taught Me All I Needed To Know About Being a Woman

Peach Mag, Commercials Get Me Sweaty About Death, Live Girls

Peach Mag, True R O M A N C E

Shitwonder, Romance is Dead, “Domestic Bliss”, Spring Break, Butter Cream, O Darling, Goodbye Horses


Erase the Patriarchy, edited by Isobel O’Hare, University of Hell Press (forthcoming)

Peach Mag Season 2 Yearbook, edited by Rachelle Toarmino, Matthew Bookin, Bre Kiblin, + RE Katz, 2018

My Next Heart: New Buffalo Poetry, edited by Noah Falck and Justin Karcher, BlazeVOX, 2017